In this topic you will learn the tools and strategies that will develop you as a leader no matter how much or how little experience you have leading others.

Leading in the 21st century is not an easy task. Finding quality leadership is even more difficult. In this topic Jose will show you how to become an Indispensable leader. He will share tips and strategies on how to create a successful lifestyle, not only for yourself, but also for your team, your family and all those in your sphere of influence.


  • Audience members will learn how to lead by example and with emotional intelligence.

  • Audience members will understand that leadership is not dictatorship.

  • Audience members will learn how to improve their leadership capabilities by understanding the science of decision making, including how neural constraints can lead to poor decisions and how to overcome them.



Learning to develop a winning strategy is a huge key in reaching massive levels of success. Everyone wants a chance to get off of the bench and everyone should be able to, because everyone has special abilities and talents that they carry with them. In this topic Jose will show you how to create a culture where everyone can win, learn, and grow together, as one team.


  • Audience members will learn how to take the shot and score.

  • Audience members will learn how to work collectively as a T.E.A.M.

  • ​Audience members will learn how to harness in on their gifts and talents to score big.

Many people today spend a lot of their time on Time Management. Time management is great, but if you have all the time in the world, it will not make up for having your mind out of balance.  Mind Management is the #1 secret to success and winning in all areas of business and life. Who you are, what you do, and what you become will all be a result of the way you manage your mind.  

In this topic Jose will assist you with managing the 60k-70k thoughts that go through your mind on a daily basis. Looking to get rid of the clutter and obtain a clearer vision of your future? Want to get laser focused and execute more? Jose will show you how to get it done so you can increase performance, productivity, and get clear on what really matters.


  • Audience members will learn how to manage their thoughts to get clarity and become more effective.

  • Audience members will learn how to take control and initiate action.

  • Audience members will learn how to remove themselves from all negativity and keep a positive attitude.

  • Audience members will learn brain training and performance enhancements.


This isn’t your typical goal setting curriculum. Indispensable Goal setting is about an 8-step transformational process that allows you to set Ridiculously Hard Goals while understanding the theater of the mind. Jose will teach you why S.M.A.R.T goals are not really smart.    

Having a hard time setting and accomplishing your goals? In this topic Jose is going to show you not only how to goal set but also how to crush your goals so that you see results. There are 3 types of goals everyone should be setting: Short term, long term, and ridiculous goals.


  • Audience members will be able to define the term “goals” and explain their role in today’s personal and business world.

  • Audience members will be able to focus on commitment.

  • Audience members will be able to create an executable strategy.

  • Audience members will be able to set STAR Goals.

Consulting &

Keynote Topics

Below are some of the topics that Jose talks and trains on. He can also customize any requested topic that fits your specific needs.



(The Entrepreneurial Mindset)

Many companies are experiencing difficulties retaining quality employees. One of the main reasons is because employees and employers have been programmed for years that they are not indispensable. In this topic Jose will show you how to develop an Indispensable employee who will not only love working for your company but will also do whatever is necessary to expand and grow your business by going the extra mile.


  • Audience members will learn the importance of abandoning the employee mindset, to helping build and grow a powerful money making business.

  • Audience members will learn how to solve complex problems before they become disasters.

  • Audience members will learn how to  think beyond the moment and look for better, more creative and efficient ways to do things..


Effective communication is huge regarding the bottom line of any organization. The more efficient an individual can communicate, the more effectively they can execute on goals, deliverables, and deadlines. In this topic Jose will show you how to speak clearly and concisely. You will learn how to communicate to be understood and to understand. When an individual and a team can communicate properly and develop a great working relationship, the results can become astonishing.


  • Audience members will learn the importance of aggressive listening (listening to the conversation that is not being spoken.)

  • Audience members will learn how communicating effectively helps to build teams, increases employee loyalty, and makes sure there is a common understanding for clear execution.

  • Audience members will learn how effective communication prevents barriers amongst peers, improves conflict resolution, and reduces stress.


Many people go through life not knowing what their true-life purpose is and making minimal impact. In this topic Jose will show you how to not only recognize your purpose but how to increase your faith and thrive in it. Once you recognize what your purpose is and activate it, you can begin to make massive impact.


  • Audience members will learn to recognize their gifts and true purpose.

  • Audience members will learn how to walk confidently and courageously in their calling..

  • Audience members will learn that the purpose, passion, and power that they carry is enough to make a powerful impact and make a huge difference in the world..



No one should ever have to experience or go through any type of bullying. Jose knows what that feels like first hand, as he was a victim of bullying. He’s dealt with it when he was younger due to his situation of being in a wheelchair and it’s not a good feeling at all. Jose wants to share with you ways to deal with it, avoid it, overcome it, and report it properly and anonymously.


  • Audience members will learn how to recognize, resist, and report bullying properly & effectively.

  • Audience members will feel confident and liberated knowing how to handle all types of bullying scenarios.

  • Audience members will discover the mindset and behavior shifts required for positive change to take place.

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