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How I Turned My Dream Into a Reality

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Chasing your dreams is great! But running after them forever and not catching up to them, is not so great. I’ve noticed that a lot of people go through life chasing their dreams with no real clear direction of where they’re going and that’s why they are getting tired of running. Most of them are giving up!

I remember when I decided I wanted to become one of the best motivational speakers in the world. I thought it would be a tough journey because I was in a wheelchair due to a rare condition I was born with. And I just knew that transportation would definitely be an issue for me, but I didn’t let that stop me. I kept on pursuing my dreams of becoming a speaker. I knew that in order to be the best, I had to hang around the best and study them. I spent years following many speakers on social media and watching their YouTube videos, gaining as much knowledge and information that I possibly could. My favorite one was none other than the world renowned Les Brown. His story, personality, and charisma were much like mine. It was a story of overcoming the odds and making sure he did everything he had to do for his dream to come true.

In 2015, it just so happened that Les Brown was on tour and coming to my city in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I made it my purpose to be at that event no matter what. Long story short, I was determined to meet him in person and give him my information with the hopes of one day being able to work with him. I chased him through three different counties and finally caught up with him at his last tour spot in Miami, Fl. I introduced myself, gave him my speaker packet, and he called me the very next day. We’ve been working together ever since. My dream of becoming a motivational speaker has come true. Today not only is he my mentor and coach, but also my good friend. I’ve spoken on several stages with him, I’ve been on tour with him and he just wrote the foreword to my new book, “Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Standard, How To Be Indispensable Even When The Odds Are Stacked against You.” Don’t be afraid to dream big because when you dream big, big things can happen!

Here Are 3 Main Keys To Making Your Dreams Come True:

  1. Consistency – If you want your dreams to come true, then pay close attention to this very important key. They say that being persistent will get you there, but being consistent will keep you there. You may not always see the results of what you’re working towards right away but trust me, being consistent will always yield results. Being passionate about what you want and believing in yourself helps to keep you consistent. It keeps the fire burning. Keep on working and don’t stop, your dreams are waiting for you.

  2. Determination – Having the mindset that says, “No matter what, I will make it.” “No matter what, I will get through this.” And “No matter what, I am going to make this happen and it will work out.” Determination is having a firmness of purpose. Once you know what your purpose is and you develop a passion for it, it almost seems like nothing can stop you. You will gain a special energy in your inner core knowing “this has to come to life,” and it will because you are determined.

  3. Relentlessness – Will turning your dream into a reality be challenging? Absolutely. Will it take some time? Definitely. Will it all be worth it? You better believe it! Being relentless is saying, regardless of what difficulties or adversities may come my way, I’m going to keep my head up and focus on getting to the top and continue to crush my goals! It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up, so guess what? #NEVER GIVE UP!


“Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars.” ~Les Brown

I am a firm believer in dreams coming true because I am living proof that they do. I also believe that they will come true for you as well. Once you learn how to use and apply the above keys to unlock your purpose, power, and potential as well as your greatness, your dreams will begin to manifest themselves.


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